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The spell emphasizes on developing improved communication, understanding each other through friendly discussions with your partner. Being honest is one of the things this spell brings in your love life making your partner to never tell lies on you at Because untrustworthy is one of the major setbacks in any relationship; it is the foundation of any prosperous relationship. The spell clears that channel and makes both parties to commit themselves on the stability of their Many people have problems with anger management this make you to be vulnerable if you into relationship with such a person. Stop fight love spell acts as the medium to bring ill temper into checkmate and make your partner to realize his/ her wrong doing.

Many people get abused by their partners but fail to help themselves to put those acts to the end. Because their partners inflicts fear in them and get controlled in that way yet any relationship should be fair and transparent to anyone involved in it. As you might fail to find solution for such behaviors, Dr. Sadik’s stop abusive love spell can make your partner to not ever do any abusive acts to you. Abusive behaviors can be introduced to your relationship in various ways until when it becomes a habit. Many people have endured pain (most especially women) without any ability to fight back to their oppressors. Dr. Sadik has been casting spells of magic for years and to his experience, there is no hard situation for him. If your lover, husband or wife is giving you trouble, just talk to him and the rest will be sorted out with his magic [ Spells to return your lost lover].

Black images, rays of bright lights and many birds . He began to feel really hot and could not have his eyes open but never pulled over. He remembers going into distress and started slapping himself to wake up putting the window down for fresh air. 09/03 129 am. Minuets before friend 1 remembers he was shaking say oh fuck man cmon and screaming because he couldn't stay awake . At the same money friend 2 was just about to wake up . Friend 2 wakes up and says where are we dude . Friend 1 replies with . Hey talk to me man make conversation I'm falling asleep . They arrived to a dirt road intersection two a completely wrong hwy. 1 turns right and goes up this hill and realizes where he was at because of a sign. We're two hrs away what am I doing here ..

2 says bro are u ok . Earlier when friend 2 awoke from his nap and started conversation with friend 1 he tells him dam dude are u okay . Getting hi with out me tf for reAls. Friend 2 didn't say anything as he was just regaining conscious. Back to the wrong hwy. 1 decided to turn back around since they were close to empty and straight would not be an option if they wanted to continue driving. Friend 1 returns to that dreaded road confused and quite of what had just happen. He tells friend 2. Bro wtf idk how we got here I swear I'm not lying . Friend 2 doesn't know what to believe .

Friend 1 says all I remember is when we turned left u fell asleep immediately and soon I began to get awfully tired to the pout in cried for help but you wouldn't wake up. I did so 3 times friend 1 says . Friend 2 said no I woke up few times and asked if u we're ok and all u would say is yes . As they went down the road and friend 1 still confuse begins to remember little bits . He tells his friend that he started to trip out and see black shapes birds and those lights and added that on his rear view mirror some man looking shade was hanging from the side of the SUV . Friend 2 looked at him in disbelief but of what he experienced earlier that morning he didn't know that was true.

Friend 1 kept driving trying to remember and just looking back and forth with his friend but nothing was being said . They final passed by where friend 2 woke up and from there on friend 1 stops and says I don't remember any of this . Let me look at the map . He was far from where he should have been which was home He should have arrived home at about 12am where behind 1.5 hrs .. Friend 2 began to believe his buddy getting frightened every second that passed by . Friend 1 was also and scared and confused said I don't remember any of this road anything . Silence in the car two friends who felt completely sober now began to hear a click click on some non operating drills they were caring in the car.

They remember when the officer asked who was on the back seat at the time when they got pulled over . The too began to get chills all over. Friend 2 touches his rosary that hangs from the Mirror. Friend 2 then begins to curse and tells whateve was with them he wasn't welcome . Friend 1 help. Click click once again on the same drill that hadn't been working for months now. And right after friend 1 gets kicked two time on his seat! Bro wtf I just got kicked twice he says in distress. Both feared for there lives comending god for help.

Friend 1 was constantly looking at his mirror and seen the man like figure seating in the very back seats that didn't exist since the sad the there seats laying flat . Friend 1 tells friend2 and they curse again. Friend 1 looks at his side mirror again and once again the figure was hanging from the SUV . At that moment he screams and says look at the mirror he's right there . Friend 2 looks and sees the entity as well. Now they were both scared but didn't have to balls to pull over ! They drove and drove constantly seeing the entity . Every mile for about 45 mins friend 1 kept saying I don't remember any cmon man I have no gas why would I keep going straight .

Or even if I was lost I would t had travel that long that's why I have a gps They new something wasn't right. And that whatever took them there was taking them to hurt them. 220 am they finally see familiar road. Friend 1 says this is where I noticed u passed out ! They drove on, just few more miles to the main road friend 2 said . As they approach the main road friend 1 looks over to his left where they originally turned. As if he had seen the devil him self friend 1 says bro wtf do u know what on my left hand side .

No way friend 2 says! That's were I locked eyes with the guy in the white shirt! Finally on the correct road and once again 35 mins away from home they drove on scared ! Not knowing what to expect or belief . They continued on not one patrol to be seen now. The finally get to the round about but arrive to the original road the usually take not the one friend 2 drove in the am or friend 1 intended for! Now it was out of hand and they both continued to think about what just happen putting both there experiences together! Just about home friend 1 day look there it goes again the entity. Friend 2 confirms this ! 09/02/17: two friends had finally scored there so decires 8ball that was offered at a cheap price (very uncommon).

It was 12 am and they were ready to continue there month long binge. When I got high I always saw people following me or messing with me been in six different hospitals because of it I'm a Christian still struggling to get off this drug. Can someone answer me this question How come everytime I get high I always think about Jesus Christ and how he is able to deliver me from this drug. Confirmed as true here as well. I let it control me for too long and lost so much. I've been set free 10 years now and possess a degree in Still trying to get back what was stolen by the devil. God promises to return all that was stolen. NOTHING SHORT OF GOD!

So i used meth for 15 years im proud to say that iv been clean for almost 2 yrs now but i have hod horrible things happen to me and my family during my meth using time. Using meth put me in prision away from my children twice. My two older childrens father has been dead for 6 years due to his meth use when he passed i was in prision if i had been in the world i probably would have killed my self. But i went back to meth when i got out during that time i seen black shadowy figures with glowing red eyes in my neighbors yard almost every night. For three years straight i did not sleep barely ate.

I fought with my boyfriend who i had a child with constatly i would hit him try and beat him up. Accuse him of doing things that i still dont know are real or if i was making it up. There were times when i moved out of state trying to be rid of that drug and the evil it was bringing to me but ended up still doing meth. So i would move back to where i new hiw to get drugs faster and cheaper im telling u nothing would help me be rid of meth it was NOTHING SHORT OF GOD that delivered me from meth..

God allowed me to do the drug and not become addicted because of the fear that's continuing to keep others from him.. Do you think some man made drug can seperate you from the father who made the universe and everything in it? DO YOU THINK YOUR EVIL WAS STRONGER THAN GOD CAN TURN FOR GOOD? JUST BELIEVE HES MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING OF SATAN AND CAN AND WILL USE YOUR WRONGS TO SHOW HIS HEALING POWER ! WILL change your life . Its simple as this.. Too many people (like you, the author of this webpage) will believe anything and continue to pollute the internet with incorrect info. Fear is the tool religion uses to trap and take advantage of simple minded fools! Meth is 5d, it only exists by thought then an action eliminating emotion.

This will only work if the subject runs his/her life with plutonic love! The key to existence is to past beyond fear, have a think about that before you write someone else's ideas that u r parroting without any thought of ur own. I am so glad I read this. I am almost six months clean. However, what I went through on meth haunts me to this very day. I was on heroin for five years and meth only six months. Meth took my addiction to a whole other level. It took me completely away from my kids and reality.

It was the reason I attempted suicide three times. I seen and heard things and I thought that I was crazy. I have wanted to know the truth behind it all. I believe this article because I lived with Wiccans and that is how I got introduced to the spiritual world. I turned my life over to God and only because of God am I clean today. My stories of meth use are so old that I could see the cobwebs on them, but when I read this, it brought it all back to me in a flash, even though I have nothing to do with it! Thank God, who got me free. I would also like to say that it is not too late for you to call out to God. His arm is not too short to pull you out of the pit.

No matter what you have done, He loves you! It is so sad to see how many are deceived, thinking they are saved, but continue in a lifestyle of drugs, sin, and darkness. Good and evil, or light and darkness cannot dwell in the same place. If any of you are looking for a way to get off of drugs, Teen Challenge is an awesome organization to help you. You do not have to be a teen, although that is in the name. Many adults go through this program. They have a very high success rate. Please get help for your sake and for the people who love you! I had to start a new post to tell you another "meth" incident.

And again, no devils or demons were involved. Another time, I had done meth. The same friend as before was at my place. This time I was telling my friend about another childhood memory. It was when I bought a motorcycle cycle trail bike I had bought against my mom's wishes. My dad had died the month before, so I just bought it. I was so happy to have it. It was like a lucky charm. I told my friend a whole bunch of stuff about that motorcycle. I finished the long ago memory by telling him about the accident I had on the bike.

I was riding fast down our street when my neighbor pulled out of his driveway. I saw him and got scared so put on the front break and the bike tilted and the back wheel came around and I fell off and slid down the pavement. I had cut both my knees and my elbows and was pretty shaken up. But I got up with the help of my neighbor who was a Mormon man (God was there). He said, "I could have killed you! Are you okay?" I said I was, but blood was dripping down my legs and arms. He helped me to my house. I quietly walked in and washed up and my brother helped me bandage it all up.

My mom hated that motorcycle, so when she came home, I put on a long sleeved nightgown that covered me all the way to my feet to hide the injuries and bandages. I was also very upset and shook up, but when she came in, she noticed and asked if I was okay. I said yes. Then she sat on my bed and asked me outright, "Are you having sex?" I said, "NO WAY!" She thought I was because I had this look on my face. I swore to her I was not having sex. I was telling my friend about this whole motorcycle thing with me as a kid. We talked a great deal about it that night. Then, the next morning, I turn on the news.