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Andrew Charrington Davidson
Born February 1st. 1946.
Nationality British
Joined CNCo service January 9th, 1967 / May 1st.1974.
Left CNCo service March 27th. 1972 / June 2nd. 1980.


September 13th. 1962. to August 24th. 1965. Cadet with Ben Line.

August 25th. 1965. to January 20th. 1966. Ben line. Sailed as an uncertified 3rd. Mate.

January 9th. 1967. Joined C>N.Co. on a 2 1/2 year agreement with his 2nd. Mate's Certificate of Competency No 102290, obtained in Southampton on July 14th 1966.

January 25th. 1967. Sailed as 2nd. Mate and 3rd. Mate on the Kwangsi I as required, 3rd Mate on the Chekiang II, and 4th Mate on the Hupeh III.

March 4th. 1968. Took study leave in Hong Kong, obtaining his Ist. Mate's Certificate of Competency on May 5th. 1968.

May 1968. Sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Chekiang II and Kwangtung II, prior to being appointed to special duties in Auckland on October 6th 1970.

December 1970. Returned to sea as 1st. Mate on the Hupeh III, prior to taking Home Leave in the U.K.

March 27th 1972. Resigned from C.N.Co.

January 23rd. 1974. Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 2519 in Auckland.

May 1st. 1974. Rejoined C.N.Co. It was noted that C.N.Co were pleased that he decided to rejoin the company.

June 11th. 1974. Appointed 1st. Mate on the Woosung III, being promoted to 1st. Mate on July 1st. 1974.

March 10th. 1975. Appointed Unit Officer (shore staff) Wellington)

February 16th.1979. Appointed as 1st. Mate on the Asian Pearl.

June 2nd, 1980. Resigned from C.N.Co., however remained within it's framework with his appointment as Operations Manager for NZUE in New Zealand based in Wellington. The New Zealand Unit Express (NZUE) was a multi-purpose service handling both breakbulk, unitized and containerised cargoes through changing times and operating as a joint service on behalf of the three partners, Mitsui OSK, Nedlloyd and C.N.Co. with the latter acting as managers. he was highly regarded and remained in this position until the dissolution of NZUE in 1991, having proved successful in guiding waterfront operations on the new Zealand waterfront through changing times. In 1991 he was appointed Operations manager for the P&O container services through new Zealand, and was later transferred to their New York offices.

He was well thought of by everyone in the Shipping Community.


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