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Chung-King I
ID /IMO.No. 1085169.
Gross Registered Tonnage 1,251 grt. 793 nett.
Builder Scott & Co., Greenock. Yard No.217.
Delivery date June 26th 1882.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 2
Length 243.0 ft.
Width 32.0 ft.
Depth 21.0 ft.
Engine Supplier Greenock Foundry Co.
Engine Type Steam, compound, inverted
Engine cylinders 2 per engine, 25 ins.dia., 50 ins.dia.
Engine stroke 2.5 ft.
Engine Power Total:- 240 nhp. 1048 ihp.
Engine RPM 88
Propulsion mode Twin Screw
Speed 12 kts
Rigged Schooner.
Displacement 2,580 tons.
Deadweight 1,655 tons.
Bale capacity 79,723 cu. ft.
Block coefficient (Cb) 0.693
Power Steam
Condenser cooling surface 2,434 sq.ft.
Steam expansion ratio 5.4
ratio_of_air_pump_capacity_to_lp_cylinder_volume 14.8
ratio_of_sw_circulating_pump_capacity_to_lp_cylinder_volume 15.4
Boiler 2, Oval type.
Boiler pressure 80 psi.
Boiler dimensions (total) 16.58 ft.high x 12.46 ft.wide x 11.5 ft.long.
Heating Surface (total) 4,036 sq. ft.
Grate Area (total) 126 sq. ft.
Steam space volume 1,098 cu. ft.
Fuel Coal.
Furnace 3 per boiler.
Furnace dimensions 6'0" dia., 8'4" long.
Draught Natural
Propeller Right & Left hand,10.0 ft. dia., 15.5 ft pitch
Propeller blades 4 per propeller
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Cast iron.
Keel laid Feb 16th.1882.
Launched May 29th. 1882
Original owner Coast Boats Ownery.
Delivered to owner June 26th. 1882.


The vessel was registered as the "ChungKing",( N.B. upper case C & K ) as recorded in Lloyds Register 1887/88. However in Lloyds Register of 1894/95 and also in the Mercantile Naval Lists of 1905 the vessel is recorded as "Chung King". This latter change could be a correction by Lloyds of the earlier 1887/88 entry which could have been in error. When written in Chinese it usually appears as two characters and on translating into English was written as "Chung-King", although this name was not the registered name. However in usage the hyphen was initially used, but just as often the hyphen was omitted, hence the ship was just as often called the "Chungking" in correspondence, and as such appears to be the intended name. The name painted on the side of the ship was "CHUNGKING". The sister ship is the "Wuchang I"

1883. Transfered to China Navigation Co.

Dec. 1901. Severly damaged by fire at Chefoo, but managed to reach Shanghai without assistance.

Sept. 1905. Sold to:-Tthe Russian Ministry of war and renamed "Ochotsk"

1906. Sold to:- the Far Eastern S.S. & Navigation Co., Vladivostok. Renamed "Amur"

1908. Sold to:- Y.Koga. Nagasaki.

1909. Sold to:- S.N. of Count Keyserling, Vladivostock. Renamed "Georgii"

1916. Sold to:- Russian Fleet Volunteer Association. Vladivostock.

Feb 1920. The vesel sought refuge in Shanghai after the fall of Vladivostock, transferred to the French flag.

May 1921. Reverted to the White Russian flag on the recapture of Vladivostock.

Oct. 1922. Evacuated White Russians to Shanghai and Hong Kong,after the fall of Vladivostok.

March 1923. Returned to Vladivostock and incoporated into Sovtorgflot.

1927. Seized by the Chinese gov't. and eventually to Tai Chow S.S.Co., Shanghai. Renamed "Tai Chow"

May 23rd. 1933. Seized by pirates on avoyage from Haimen to Shanghai, 2 dead.

1936. Tai Chow Sing Kee S.N.Co. became the new owners.

1938. Transferred to:- J.D.Tsounias (China Hellenic Lines Ltd, managers) Shanghai. Registered under the Greek flag. and renamed "Ano Vathy"

Dec 8th, 1941. Seized at Shanghai by the Japanese and renamed "Asei Maru".

July 15th. 1945. Became a war loss after being bombed near Woosung.


Built for the China coast trade.

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