Coral Princess

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Coral Princess
ID /IMO No.5284792.
Coral Princess at Hong Kong
Type Cruise Ship
Gross Registered Tonnage 9,696 grt. 4,623 nett.
Builder Cia. Euskalduna, Olaveaga, Bilbao. Yard No.156.
Delivery date August 1962, as "Princessa Leopoldina"
Hull Steel.
Decks 2.
Length 477 ft. F'c'sle & Bridge 320 ft.
Width 61.17 ft.
Depth 27.25 ft.
Passengers 480 as built.
Engine Builder Soc. Espanola de Const., Bilboa.
Engine Type 2 x Diesel, 2 stroke, single acting.
Engine cylinders 8 per engine.
Engine Power Total, 9,200 bhp.
Propulsion mode Twin Screw.
Speed 17 kts.
Deadweight 2,848 tons
Power Diesel
Boiler Composte, exh.gas/fuel oil.
Fuel diesel/fuel oil
Propeller 2, Right hand & left hand.
Launched March 17th. 1961.
Original owner Cia Nacional de Navgacion "Costiera" Autarquia Federal, Rio de Janeiro.


Coral Princess was built as "Princessa Leopoldina" for Cia. Nacional de Nav. Costeria Autarquia Federal, of Rio de Janeiro. During the late 1960s, she was transferred to Cia. de Nav. Lloyd Brasiliero, also of Rio de Janeiro., and employed on the South American coast service, Rio - Buenos Aires.

In 1969, Princessa Leopoldina was laid up, the passenger route being replaced by air travel, before being sold to C.N.Co. in June 1970. She was converted for cruising by Taikoo Dockyard, Hong Kong.

May 1990. Sold to Universal Boss Ltd., Hong Kong. Passed to Ming Ren Development & Enterprises, Hong Kong. Renamed "Cora Princess".

1993 Managers became Sembawang Johnson Management Pte. Singapore. No change in ownership. Reverted to "Coral Princess".

2000. Sold to Universal Summit Ltd., Panama. Renamed "Millennium Queen"


The new one-class passenger liner Coral Princess had a maximum complement of 480 passengers in 148 cabins and the features of her conversion included a new airconditioning plant, three new generators, a 500-seat cinema/auditorium and enlarged restaurant.

Coral Princess entered C.N.Co. service in May, 1971, when she began operating out of Japan, specialising in educational seminar cruises and Japan-based luxury cruising to the South Pacific and Australasia. During the nearly twenty years in which she sailed under C.N.Co. colours, she had the best safety record and received fewer passenger complaints than any comparable passenger vessel.

Coral Princess was finally sold in May 1990 to Taiwanese interests - Universal Boss Ltd. and was renamed "Cora Princess".

1993. Renamed "Coral Princess" , Registered owner now Universal Summit Ltd.

2000. Renamed "Millenium Queen"

June 28th. 2001. Broken up at Alang by the Ship Trade Coporation.

Events / Stories

In 1966, she made a single trip to London, bringing Brazilian football supporters to see the World Cup.