Eredine II

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Eredine II
IMO/ID No.7358494.
Type Bulk carrier
Gross Registered Tonnage 35,716 grt. 25,385 nett.
Builder Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen
Delivery date 1975
Hull Steel. Semicircular bow & cutwater.
Decks 1, 7 holds/hatches.
Length 224.42m
Width 32.31m
Depth 17.99m
Engine Builder Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen. Yard No. 864.
Engine Type Diesel, 2 stroke, single-acting.
Engine cylinders 7
Engine Power 18,500 bhp.
Propulsion mode Single screw
Speed 15.5 kts.
Deadweight 60,907 tons.
Power Diesel.
Aspiration Turbocharged.
Boiler Composite, exhaust gas/fuel oil.
Fuel Diesel/fuel oil.
Propeller Solid, right hand.
Propeller blades 4.
Propeller formation Cast.
Propeller material Bronze.
Original owner John Swire & Sons.


1975. Delivered to John Swire & Sons, for opereation within the CNCo. fleet.

1981. Sold to Ben Line Steamers, William Thomson & Co., Leith. Renamed "Benalbanach".

1984. Sold to Hawthorn Shipping Corporation (Intermarine Incorporated, New York.) Liberia. Panama flag. Renamed "Zamia".

1986. Renamed "Pita" - the same owners.

1988. Renamed "Silver Leader".

1989. Transferred to Griscom Shipping Corporation,S.A., Pananma. Owned by the China Ocean Shipping through COSCO (Hong Kong) Shipping Co., Panama. Renamed "Alisgloria".

March 9th.1999. Arrived at Nantong for demolition.


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