Eriskay I

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Eriskay I
ID No. 6912372.
Type Geared Bulk carrier
Gross Registered Tonnage 12,485 tons.
Builder Scott Lithgow, Greenock.
Delivery date Jan 4th.1969.
Hull Steel, carvel construction.
Decks 1.
Length 490 ft. F'c'sle 41 ft. Poop 95 ft.
Width 71.25 ft.
Depth 41.0 ft.
Engine Builder Scott-Lithgow group.
Engine Type Scott-Sulzer7RND68, Single-acting, 2 stroke, turbo charged, direct reversing.
Engine cylinders 7, 680 mm.dia.
Engine stroke 1250 mm.
Engine Power MCR. 8700 bhp. Sevice, 7,724 bhp.
Engine RPM 145.
Propulsion mode Single screw
Speed 14.7 knots
Deadweight 19,356 tons.
Block coefficient (Cb) 0.798
Power Diesel.
Aspiration Turbocharged
Boiler Composite, exhaust gas/fuel oil.
Fuel Diesel/fuel oil.
Generator 3. Diesel.
Generator power 350 Kw.
Generator voltage 440 ac.
Propeller Right hand, 16.08 ft dia. Mean pitch 10.8 ft.
Propeller blades 4.
Propeller formation Solid, variable pitch.
Propeller material Manganese bronze.
Built classification society Lloyds register.
Keel laid May 31st.1968.
Launched Mar 20th. 1969.
Launched by Mrs.J.Swire.
Original owner China Navigation Co.


June 4th.1969. Delivered to John Swire & Sons, and operated within the CNCo. fleet.

1978. Sold to the China mutual Steam Navigation Co.(Ocean Shipping & Trading.

1978. Sold to Martria Maritime S.A. Piraeus. Renamed "Siganto".

1980. Sold to Caribbean Chartering Co. Ltd. (Lineas Mar. de Santo Domingo S.A., Georgetown.) Renamed "Argonavi".

1982. Transferred to Argonavi Ltd. Liberia. Same name and owners.

1985. Sold to Naviera Samana S.A. (Lineas Maritimas de Santo Domingo) Santo Domingo. Renamed "Samana".

1990. Sold to Naviera Loon S.A., Panama. Renamed "Loon".

1991 Renamed Cumberland Sky, Registered owner now:- McQuilkin Bros. VCT Kingston.

1996. Sold to the Perseus Shipping Corporation, St Vincent & Grenadines. Renamed "Kimberly".

Nov 1997. Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh, for breaking up. (S.S.Steel)


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