Erradale I

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Erradale I
IMO/ID No. 7229930.
Type Bulk Carrier.
Gross Registered Tonnage 20,239 grt. 13,408 nett.
Builder Osaka Zosensho, Osaka.
Delivery date Sept 1972.
Hull Steel.
Decks 1.
Length 608.5 ft.over bulbous bow, F'c'sle 58 ft. Poop 122 ft.
Width 85.5 ft.
Depth 50.75 ft.
Engine Builder Ishikakawajima-Harima, Aio.
Engine Type Ishikakawajima-Harima Sulzer, 2 stroke, single acting.
Engine cylinders 7
Engine Power 10,395 bhp.
Propulsion mode Single screw.
Speed 14.5 kts.
Power Diesel.
Aspiration Turbocharged.
Boiler Composite, exhaust gas/fuel oil.
Fuel Diesel/fuel oil.
Propeller Solid, right hand.
Propeller blades 4.
Propeller formation Cast.
Propeller material Phospher bronze.
Original owner John Swire & Sons.


Sept.1972. The vessel was still being built and on the stocks when it was bought by John Swire & Sons, from World Wide Shipping. It was launched as the "Erradale I", and managed by CNCo. The ship was one of a group of fifteen bulk carriers ordered by World Wide Shipping, CNCo only purchased the one ship.

Dec.1978. Ownership, transferred to CNCo.

Feb 1983. Sold to Bulktank Shipping, Piraeus., (Zela Shipping Co.Ltd., London). Renamed "Arethousa II"

1987. Sold to Carthy Shipping Corporation, Piraeus. Same name. The ship still carried the Swire flag on the bow and had the Swire funnel, complete with the Swire flag.

1991. Sold to Anopolis Maritme Incorporated, Piraeus. Renamed "Marika".

1996. Sold to Robust Navigator Ltd., Piraeus. Renamed "Erradale". Sold to the Olympic Maririme Ltd., Malta. Renamed "Arrow".

1999. Now owned by Floko Shipping, Malta. Renamed "Row".

November 1st. 2000. Scrapped at Alang.


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