Fatshan II

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Fatshan II
ID /IMO No.5112846.
Type Cargo/passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 2,639 grt. 1579 nett.
Builder Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co. Hong Kong. Yard No.262
Delivery date 1933
Hull Steel, clincher construction, cruiser stern.
Decks 2.
Length 241 ft.
Width 45.5 ft.
Depth 11 ft.
Passengers Berths (A),39, Cabin class 22, Steerage 60, Unberthed 1,261.
Engine Builder Taikoo D.&.E.Co.
Engine Type Steam, triple expansion,
Engine cylinders 4:- 1 high press., 1 intermediate press., 2 identical low press.
Engine Power 71 nhp. 2,600 ihp.
Propulsion mode Twin Screw.
Deadweight 788 tons.
Block coefficient (Cb) 0.61
Power Steam.
Boiler 3.
Fuel Coal.
Draught Natural.
Generator voltage 110V DC.
Propeller 2, Right and left hand.
Propeller blades 4 per propeller
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Bronze.
Original owner China Navigation Co.



Fatshan II replaced Fatshan I on the express ferry service between Hong Kong and Canton. She had accommodation for 39 first class, 23 cabin class, 60 steerage and 1,261 unberthed deck passengers.

Events / Stories

December 1941, "Fatshan" was seized by Japanese forces at Canton and became Koto Maru; she was surrendered and returned to C.N.Co. in August 1945.

January 1949, "Fatshan" carried the official party to the ceremony for the opening of the Elliot Passage - situated some 8 miles below Canton, on the Pearl River. The passage had been dredged to allow deep draft vessels to proceed up-river to Canton.

May 1950, following the exclusion of foreign operators from the Canton trade, Fatshan was transferred to the Hong Kong-Macau service.

May 1951, she was sold to Man On S.N.Co., (T.N.Chau) Hong Kong., who continued to operate her between Hong Kong and Macau.

July 1951. Transferred to Yu On Shipping Co. Ltd., Hong Kong.

Aug. 1968. Sold to Tai Tak Hing Co.Ltd., Hongkong.

18th August, 1971, she capsized near Lantao Island, after colliding with a drifting ship during typhoon Rose. Seventy/eighty lives were lost.

Interesting to note that the total passenger capacity (river limit only) was 1,261 persons, yet the life boat capacity was 54 persons and the raft capacity was only 550 persons !

Sept 1971. Wreck sold to Lai Man Yau for salvage and scrapping.