George William Moore

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George William Moore
Born August 11th. 1927.
Bideford, Devon, England.
Died July 26th. 2006
Nationality British.
Occupation Wireless Superintendant.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service August 2nd. 1952.
Left CNCo service July 31st. 1978.


1944 to 1950. Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy.

1952. Attended Instructional Courses in the U.K. on Radio Physics with Siemens, Kelvin & Hughes and Cosser & Marconi.

February 1950 to October 1952. Seconded to C.N.Co. from Siemens.

November 4th. 1952. Joined C.N.Co. arriving in Hong Kong on a 3 year Agreement as Assistant Wireless Superintendent on a salary of 1,044 pounds per annum. However as he was married, he would not qualify for a marriage allowance until he reached the age of 27 and was in receipt of 1,150 pounds per annum.

November 5th. 1965. Appointed Technical Superintendent Engineer, salary now 2,600 pounds per annum.

July 7th. 1978. Retired. Salary then $HK 12,350 per month.

He is remembered as being highly competent, with a good sense of humour.


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