Hoang Ho

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Hoang Ho
Type Cargo/passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 982 grt.
Builder Boyd & Co., Shanghai.
Hull Iron, clincher construction.
Decks 1.
Length 201.0 ft.
Width 26.1 ft.
Depth 9.9 ft.
Engine Builder Boyd & Co., Shanghai.
Engine Type Steam, 2 cylinder compound engine.
Engine cylinders 2.
Engine Power 52 registered hp.
Propulsion mode Single screw.
Speed 9 kts
Power Steam
Boiler 1, single
Boiler pressure 60 psi.
Fuel Coal.
Draught Natural.
Propeller Right hand
Propeller blades 4.
Propeller formation Solid
Propeller material Cast iron.
Original owner Yangtze Steam Navigation Co Ltd.


1879. Built as the "Kung Wo" for the Yangtze Steam Navigation Co. maiden voyage on Sept. 24th. 1879. Her sister ship was the "Fuh Woo"

February 1882. The fleet of three ships was taken over by Jardine Mathieson, who then transfered them to the newly formed Indo-China Stean Navigation Co. ( January 1st. 1882 ) which was then used to enter the Yangtse river trade.

April 1895. Sold to the Viceroy of Nanking, renamed "Kiang Shun".

1897. Bought / taken over by Boyd & Co. when the vessel was in need of repairs. Reports at that time suggested that no maintenance had been undertaken for over 2 years.

1899. Acquired by CNCo. Renamed "Hoang Ho".

May 16th. 1904. During a voyage from Amoy to Chinchu grounded and became a total loss in Chimo Bay.


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