Ichang I

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Ichang I
IMO /ID. No.1068475.
Type Cargo / Passenger
Gross Registered Tonnage 1,782 grt., 1049 nett.
Builder A. & J. Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow. Yard No. 102.
Delivery date March 1873
Hull Iron. Hull sponsooned out from near the bow to the stern to provide extra stability during flood season.
Decks 1
Length 242.6 ft.
Width 36.1 ft.
Depth 12.7 ft.
Engine Builder A. & J. Inglis, Glasgow
Engine Supplier A. & J. Inglis, Glasgow
Engine Type 2 x Side lever engine, connected to American "walking beam".
Engine Power 250 nhp.
Propulsion mode Paddle
Speed 12.5 kts.
Power Steam.
Boiler 2 x single ended.
Boiler pressure Probably about 35 psi.
Fuel Coal
Launched Aug. 12th. 1973
Original owner China Navigation Co.
Delivered to owner Oct. 1873


Oct 1873. Delivered as "Ichang" to China Navigation Co. Machinery similar to that installed in the Pekin

Nov 12th. 1891. While on a voyage from Shanghai to Ningpo, was wrecked in a fog on the Nemesis Rock off Tiger Island, 43 people drowned.


Built for the Yangtse River trade, however when the Yangtse river was shallow during the winter season, she was employed on the Hong Kong - Macao - Canton service until the arrival of the Hankow

Events / Stories

Board of Trade Report for the Wreck of the "Ichang" 1891.

(No. 4437) "Ichang" (S.S.)Finding and Order of a Naval Court held at Shanghai on the 24th., 25th. and 26th. days of November 1891, to investigate the circumstances attending the loss of the British steamship "Ichang," of the port of London, official number 68475, on the 12th. November 1891, when on a voyage from Shanghai to Ningpo, and the cause of such loss, and to inquire into the conduct of the master, certificated first mate, second mate, acting third mate and crew of the said vessel. The Ichang was a steam vessel of 1983 tons registered tonnage, official number 68,475, built at Glasgow in 1873, and belonging to the port of London. It appears from the evidence given before the Court that she sailed from Shanghai on or about the 11th. November, bound for Ningpo, with a general cargo and a crew of 45 hands all told, as well as 242 passengers. Nothing of importance happened during he voyage to the time of the ship striking on the rocks, as it was a run upon which the ship was constantly employed. The "Ichang" was lost on the Nemesis Rock, at the entrance to the Ningpo River, owing to a wrong course having been steered by John Cruikshank Foster, master of the ship. The court having regard to the circumstances above stated, find as follows:- That the master John Cruikshank Foster, was in default in not correctly ascertaining by compass bearings the exact distance of the ship from Square Island Light. That the Court sees no ground for blaming the other officers or members of the crew. That the crew appear to have conducted themselves properly, and taken the necessary steps to land the passengers. That proper discipline appears to have been maintained. That the "Ichang" appears to have been properly maintained. That the "Ichang" appears to have been properly supplied with charts. The Court, in pursuance of the powers vested in it by Section 23 of 25 26 Viet. c,63, therefore orders that a copy of the statement of the case upon which the investigation was ordered having been furnished to John Cruikshank Foster before the commencement of the investigation, his certificate of competency as extra master, number 04862, issued by the Board of trade and dated 8th. November 1881, be suspended for the period of six calendar months from this day. The expenses of this court, are approved.

Members of the Court;- T. Winnington Ingram, Lieutenant H.M.Navy, President of the Naval Court. G,M.H.Playfair, British Vice-Consul, Shanghai. A.A.Chas.Gadd, Master of the British ship "Rosetta" of Belfast. Dated at Shanghai this 26th. day of November 1891.


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