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J. R. McAuley
Born April 1st.. 1901.
Glasgow, Scotland.
Nationality Scottish.
Occupation Superintendent Marine Engineer.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Children Son born October 5th.1935. Daughter born January 17th. 1941
Joined CNCo service May 1st. 1926.
Left CNCo service December 31st. 1969.


May 1st. 1926. Joined the China Navigation Co. as a marine engineer, employed as required on numerous vessels.

October 25th. 1930. Promoted to Chief Engineer.

September 9th. 1938. Employed with C.N.Co. Shore Staff to oversee the building of new tonnage.

July 13th. 1942. His services were released by C.N.Co. to the Ministry of War Transport, Bombay, as Director of Ship Repairs for the duration of hostilities. Being released from the these duties on November 30th. 1945.

December 1st. 1945.. Appointed Acting Assistant Superintendent Engineer, Hong Kong.

March 6th.1948. Became Acting Superintendent Engineer.

November 27th. 1950. Assistant Superintendent Engineer, mainly Dockyard duties in connection with C.N.Co. vessels.

July 7th. 1955.. Appointed Superintendent Engineer.

February 13th. 1958. Transferred to Sydney, as Superintendent Engineer - Sydney. A position he held until his retirement December 31st. 1969. During this time he also performed the duties of Superintendent Engineer for the Australian Oriental Line, C.N.Co. receiving a fee for his services, and all J.R.McCaulay's out of pocket expenses incurred being reimbursed.

December 31st. 1969. Retired after 43 years service.


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