James (Jas.) Morrison

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James (Jas.) Morrison
Born June 17th. 1894.
Died December 27th. 1936.
Tongku. China.
Cause of death Drowning.
Resting place Tientsin.
Nationality British.
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Relatives Wm. B. Morrison. - brother.
Joined CNCo service June 23rd.1934.


Served a 5 & 1/2 year apprenticeship at the Wallace Foundry, Dundee. Previous seagoing employment, 18 years experience with various companies on steam and diesel powered vessels.

June 23rd. 1934. Joined C.N.Co. in Hong Kong. not on Agreement. In possession of 1st Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 60009, issued on March 23rd. 1923. with Motor endorsement issued on October 3rd. 1927.

July 10th 1934. Sailed as 3/E on the Kwangtung I then J3/E and 3/E on the Anking I,, and Kaying, then 2/E on the Hunan II.

October 24th. 1936.. Appointed as 3/E to the Kwangtung I then the Kiating.

December 21st. 1936. Joined the Soochow II as 2/E.

December 27th. 1936. His body was discovered about 4.00 a.m. at Tongku. Death caused by drowning.


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