James Pringle

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James Pringle
Born June 10th. 1873.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Home town St. Andrews, Scotland.
Joined CNCo service July 8th. 1908.
Left CNCo service 1933.


July 8th. 1908. Joined C.N.Co.

April 9th. 1913. Promoted to 1st. Mate.

October 23rd. 1926. He was Master of the Sunning when the vessel was attacked by pirates.

November 27th. 1929. Master of the Chekiang I.

From November 22nd. 1930 to December 14th. 1932. Master of the Tean

December 21st. 1932. Proceeded on Home Leave, retiring at the end of his leave.


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