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Kenneth Arthur Page
Born June 20th 1928.
Ipswich, England.
Died October 12th. 2014.
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner.
Spouse(s) Vera Wood.
Joined CNCo service December 7th. 1950.
Left CNCo service April 3rd. 1961.


December 7th. 1950. Joined C.N.Co. on Agreement, in possession of his 2nd. Mate's certificate of Competency No. 64004 issued on November 17th 1960. Placed on reserve until January 15th. when he was standing by the new Changchow III as 4th. Mate, signing articles on February 12th.1951.

March 31st. 1953. On leave and study leave in the U.K., obtaining his 1st. Mate's Certificate Competency on July 12th. 1953.

August 1st. 1953. Returned to duty and sailed as 2nd,.Mate on the Poyang II, Taiyuan II, then as 1st.Mate on the Szechuen III, Yunnan III, and Foochow III, prior to going on Home leave on December 16th. 1955. When on Home leave was promoted to 1st. Mate on December 19th. 1955. When on leave completed the Merchant Davy Defence Course, Browns Gyro Course and the R.O.C.

January 13th. 1957. Returned from leave, sailed as 1st. Mate on the Hupeh II, stood by the new building "Chekiang II" then sailed as 1st Mate on the Szechuen III.

July 3rd. 1958. Appointed Master on the following vessels:- Yochow II, Hunan II, Fukien, Funing I - ( he was Master when the ship suffered a serious main engine breakdown and was towed to Hong Kong), and Fengtien II.

April 3rd. 1961. Resigned, and returned to the U.K.


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