Kweiyang I

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Sister ship of the Sungkiang

Kweiyang I
ID /IMO No. 1098034.
Kweiyang I aground Little Okseau Island 23 April 1910
Type Cargo/Passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 1,715 grt. 1,062 nett.
Builder London & Glasgow Co. Glasgow.
Delivery date 1890.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 1
Length 255.0 ft. F'c'sle 29.0 ft. Bridge 56 ft.
Width 36.1 ft.
Depth 21.8 ft.
Passengers Deck.
Engine Builder London & Glasgow Co. Glasgow.
Engine Supplier Greenock Foundry Co.
Engine Type Steam, 2 x triple expansion.
Engine cylinders 14 ins.dia. 23 ins. dia. 37 ins. dia.
Engine Power Total:- 250 nhp. 1,100 ihp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw.
Speed 11 kts.
Rigged Schooner.
Displacement 3,390 tons.
Deadweight 2,300 tons.
Bale capacity 106,078 cu.ft.
Block coefficient (Cb) 0.718
Power Steam.
Condenser cooling surface 1,800 sq.ft.
Steam expansion ratio 11.13
ratio_of_air_pump_capacity_to_lp_cylinder_volume 13.6
ratio_of_sw_circulating_pump_capacity_to_lp_cylinder_volume 14
Boiler 2, circulating (scotch)
Boiler pressure 150 psi.
Boiler dimensions (total) 12.75 ft. high, 9.75 ft. long.
Heating Surface (total) 2,582 sq.ft.
Grate Area (total) 85.5 sq.ft.
Steam space volume 604 cu.ft.
Fuel Coal.
Furnace 3 per boiler.
Furnace dimensions 3'2" dia., 6'8" long.
Draught Natural.
Generator voltage 110 volts D.C.
Propeller Solid
Propeller blades 4 per propeller
Propeller formation Cast,
Propeller material Iron.
Original owner China Navigation Co.
Delivered to owner 1890


This was the first non Scott & Co. new building, as no slipway was available. Only the hull was contracted out. Scott's engined and fitted out the vessel.

April 23rd. 1910. During a voyage from Hong Kong to Ningpo she struck rocks and was wrecked on Little Okseu Island.


China Coast, a beancaker, refer to Sungkiang

Events / Stories


The Auckland Star 1st October 1890.'


New Zealand newspaper reports of the arrival of Kweiyang from China

A wire from Russell this morning states that a steamer passed Cape Brett at 9 a.m. to-day bound South, in appearance like a Union Company's boat. This vessel, which is in all probability the China tea-steamer Kweiyang, from Foochow and Hong Kong, via Brisbane and Sydney, for Auckland, should therefore arrive here early this evening. The Kweiyang is quite a new boat, the latest addition to the China Navigation Company's fleet. She was launched in the early part of this year from the yard of the London and Glasgow Engineering and Iron Shipbuilding Company (Limited), Govan. She is twin-screw engined on the triple expansion principle, with cylinders of 14 inches, 23 inches, and 37 inches, stroke 30 inches. The steamer is schooner rigged on her two masts, and is 255 feet in length, 36 feet beam, and 21ft 5in in depth..- She is built entirely of steel, and was engined by the builders, Her gross measurement is 1,620 tons, net 1,062 tons. Captain E. W. Outerbridge, who was here last year as commander of the s.s. Whampoa, from China, is in charge of the Kweiyang;. The Kweiyang's cargo for New Zealand comprises 21,590 packages tea, 4,820 bags rice, 1,654 bags sugar, and 3,586 packages Chinese merchandise. From this port the steamer goes South with the balance of her cargo.