Papuan Chief III

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Sister of the ship "Chekiang III" * N.B.see "Chekiang III" for as built specifications

Papuan Chief III
ID No. 8901705
Type Geared Multi-Purpose Containership.
Gross Registered Tonnage 10,350 grt. 5,802 nett. N.B. Dimensions etc. after lengthening May 2005.
Builder Mino Zosensho K.K., Shimizu. Yard No. 1053.
Delivery date Feb 1991.
Hull Steel, bow & stern thruster, 3 x 36 tonne cranes, fixed cotainer guides, ballast tanks to maintain an even keel during cargo operations.
Decks 1, plus part 2nd. deck.
Length 158.055 m. F'c'sle 11 m. Poop 17.8 m.
Width 22.0 m.
Depth 11 m.
Engine Builder Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Tamano.
Engine Type Burmeister & Wain, 2 stroke ,single acting, 7L42MC Mk3
Engine cylinders 7.
Engine Power MCR 8120 bhp.
Engine RPM 168.
Propulsion mode Single screw.
Speed 16 kts.
Displacement 13,557 tonnes.
Bale capacity Container capacity = Total 981 TEU. (Deck:- 603 TEU)
Power Diesel.
Aspiration Turbocharged.
Boiler Composite, exh.gas/fuel oil.
Fuel MFO.
Generator 3, Ssangyong L23/30 MAN. B&W Holeby diesel.
Generator power 900 KVA
Generator voltage 440 ac.
Generator Frequency 60 Hz.
Propeller Nakashima,Controllable pitch. Right hand, 4,520 mm.dia., 3,420 mm. pitch
Propeller blades 4 right hand,keyless
Propeller material Nickel Aluminium Bronze.
Built classification society Lloyds+100A1 LMC UMS
Launched Oct 31st.1990.
Launched by Lady Elizabeth Scott, mother of Edward Scott, chairman of NGAL.
Original owner China Navigation Co. Hong Kong.
Delivered to owner Feb 1991.


February 1991. Delivered as "Papuan Chief" to China Navigation Co., Hong Kong.

1999. Renamed "Capitaine Tasman", and placed on charter.

2001. Renamed "Papuan Chief"

May 2005. Lengthened by Miho Zosen, Shimizu. For specifications see Images.


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