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Peter Sorrell Fleming
Born July 3rd 1933
Mooroopna, Victoria Australia.
Nationality Australian
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service May 23rd. 1958.


1950 - 1956 Served a 4 year apprenticeship and sailed as 3rd. Mate with the Australian Ship Board.

1957 - 1958 Sailed with Silverton Services as 3rd. Mate. (10 months)

March 20th. 1958. Obtained his 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency No. 81668, in London.

May 23rd. 1958. Joined China Navigation Co. as 2nd. Mate on a 2 year Agreement.

June 21st 1958. Sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Szechuen III, Chekiang II, Anshun II (as 3rd Mate then 2nd Mate), Anking II, and Szechuen III as 2nd Mate then 1st Mate. Whilst on the Anshun II he received an award from the Hong Kong Royal Observatory for his weather observations.

April 18th. 1960. Proceeded on study leave, obtaining his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 5627 in Hong Kong on 22nd. July 1960. Appointed 2nd. Mate and later 1st.Mate. on the Hupeh III.

September 15th. 1960 As 1st. Mate employed on the Kweichow I, Anking II, and Changsha III, being promoted to 1st Mate on July 1st 1961.

June 18th 1962. Proceeded on home leave, returning on February 19th. 1962, when appointed to the Taiyuan III as 1st Mate / relieving Master.

November 10th. 1964. Proceeded on local leave until November 25th. when he returned as 1st Mate of the Taiyuan III, before travelling to the U.K. to join the Athenian / Ninghai II on August 29th. 1965.

November 11th. 1965. Proceeded on Home leave.

February 1965 to December 1966. Seconded from C.N.Co. and employed on Special Duties in the Sydney Office as the Sydney Cargo Superintendent.

December 9th. 1966. Seconded to Swire & Yuill Pty. Ltd., becoming heavily involved in the planning, and marketing of the New Guinea operations, becoming a Director of Swire & Yuill Pty. Ltd.

February 1972. Seconded temporarily to Frig-Mobile as National Cold Store Manager, Director of Frig-Mobile


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P.S.Fleming on 2nd February 1989.. Mr Fleming joined Swire in Hong Kong in the mid-1950s as part of their floating staff and rose to the position of Master. He joined the Australian group in December 1966 and immediately became involved in the conversion of the Australian/New Guinea trade ships to side-port loaders. He was also involved in various other projects within the group, including a substantial period with Frigmobile Pty Ltd. Mr. Fleming founded Swire McPherson Pty Ltd. which prepared the initial report prior to Swire's investment in the cold storage industry in North America. He was a director of various group companies and was a member of the Swire group's executive staff in Sydney at the time of his retirement, due to ill-health, in late 1984.