Ronald Sullivan

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Ronald Sullivan
Born 12th of March, 1932
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Died February 4, 2016(2016-02-04) (aged 83)
Penrith, NSW, Australia
Cause of death Cancer


Ronald Sullivan was the Technical Superintendent for Swire for many years and an engineer for his whole life. Born to Joseph Francis O'Sullivan and Alice Edith Wilson, Ron dropped the O' prefix of his surname at an unspecified point, likely at the beginning of his career.

A long time friend to Ronald, Andrew Craig-Bennett worked alongside him and remained in contact until Ronald's passing in 2016.

In 1957, Ronald married Irene Sullivan née Tildsley in Liverpool, England. They had three children together and remained married up until Irene's passing in 2011.

Events / Stories

Most of what is known about my Pa's younger years and career, comes from my dad. My father is his second child, and eldest son. I had a deep admiration for my grandfather and I aspire to be like him even to this day. I have many humorous anecdotes about my grandfather and the antics he would get up to whilst my father grew up. After retiring at approximately 55 years of age, Ronald moved to St. Marks Church in outer Western Sydney. He lived there with his wife Irene until they both passed on in 2011 and 2016, respectively.

One of the defining characteristics of my grandfather was his loud and warm nature. We think a combination of age, hearing loss from the boiler rooms of ships as well as his personality were all contributing factors to the loud and proud Pa I knew as I grew up. If you knew him personally, this might ring a bell!

After retiring, my grandfather pursued other hobbies to entertain him. Not only making his own functioning steam engine from scratch, his most impressive creation by far was an all-electronic, 4-tier organ, hand built over the course of over two decades.. What once took up an entire room of circuitry and switchboards, slowly condensed to the size of a CD and remains as his most impressive creation.

I hope that this information may help identify an old friend. I apologise I don't have much more information to go off, career-wise.