Tak Hing

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Tak Hing
IMO No. 1109874.
Type Cargo/passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 617 grt. 395 nett.
Builder Kwong Hep Loon, Hong Kong.
Delivery date 1903
Hull Wood
Decks 2
Length 153.3 ft.
Width 25.3 ft.
Depth 10.7 ft.
Engine Builder Kwong Hep Loon, Hong Kong.
Engine Type Steam, 2 x 2 cylinder compound.
Engine Power 48 registered hp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw.
Speed 9 kts
Power Steam.
Fuel Coal.
Original owner Kwong Hep Loon, Hong Kong.


Refer to Samshui

Originally built for the builder, on his own account, and named Kwong Hing To be employed on the west river, Canton, Wuchow and beyond.

July 1903. Bought by Hong Kong, Canton & Macao Steamboat Co. 1/3, China Navigation Co. 1/3, Jardine Matheson Co. 1/3.

This was the only vessel in the C.N.C0. fleet with a wooden hull.

Mid 1906. Laid up in Hong Kong roadstead awaiting sale.

September 18th.1906. Blown ashore during a typhoon.

November 1906. Sold "as lies" on the rocks to the Sze Yap Co., Hong Kong.

October 19th.-20th. 1909. Blown ashore at Kong Moon during a typhoon. Salvaged.

1910. Renamed "Hing Lee"

Jan. 1912. Sold to Wing On S.S. Co., Ningpo.

After 1916. the vessel is listed , but no ownwer is shown.

1925. Last entry, with still no owner shown.


Built for the West river Canton - Wuchow and further ports trade.

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