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This template puts accent marks over letters. To do this change the first parameter (or the type parameter) to be the type of accent needed and change the second parameter (or the letter parameter) to be the letter to put the accent on. For example to make a ñ you would use {{subst:Accent|~|n}} In this way you can make all of the letters into different accents.

Note: You MUST substitute the template or else it will not work. To admins: This page is purposefully not transcluded onto very many or any pages, however this is because to work properly it must be substituted, please do not delete because of this. Template:Substituted


Accent A , a E , e I , i N , n O , o U , u Y , y
Grave, G, ` À , à È , è Ì , ì -- Ò , ò Ù , ù --
Acute, A, ' Á , á É , é Í , í -- Ó , ó Ú , ú Ý , ý
Circumflex, C, ^ Â , â Ê , ê Î , î -- Ô , ô Û , û --
Tilde, T, ~ Ã , ã -- -- Ñ , ñ Õ , õ -- --
Umlaut, U Ä , ä Ë , ë Ï , ï -- Ö , ö Ü , ü Ÿ , ÿ