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{{convert/outsep{{{?}}} | 1={{convert/round/sandbox{{{?}}}|{{{1}}}|0.25|{{{3}}}|{{{4}}}|{{{j}}} }}| sep= | 2={{{n}}}| 3={{{n}}}s}}

The Template:Convert/LtestAonSoff is a subtemplate of Template:Convert to test changes to deeper subtemplates, using Convert option "lk=test" to trigger use of the test-subsystem sandbox versions. Other options in effect are: abbr=off, and adj=off.

Here Template:Convert/LtestAonSoff invokes Template:Convert/outsep to display the converted result and unit symbol (if any), with {sep} to control wrapping. A number < 1,000 is not wrapped, or if the unit symbol is used, then only numbers above 10,000 can wrap at the unit symbol. If the unit symbol {{{u}}} is not set (such as with "acre"), then it passes both the singular unit name {{{n}}} and plural, {{{l}}}, or "{{{n}}}s" when no specific plural name has been defined.