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Template:Gapnum Template:Convert/LoffAnoneDunitSoff (Template:Gapnum ft)

The converter Template:Convert/gaps will convert an amount and display gaps between digits. The gaps are not actual spaces, so copy/paste of numbers, as displayed, treats them as typical connected digits. To set the rounding precision, the output unit must be specified, or put "0" to default.
Usage:  {{convert/gaps |10000|m|ft}}
{{convert/gaps |123456|km|mi|abbr=on}}
{{convert/gaps |10.54001|L|usgal|3}}

The template has the same parameters as Template:Convert, and so it allows abbreviation abbr=in or abbr=out or abbr=none, wikilinks lk=in or lk=out, and adjective mode adj=on or adj=mid. The separator can also be a semicolon: disp=semi, disp=semicolon, disp=or, disp=comma, disp=x (customized), disp=b (default as parentheses), disp=2 (or disp=out) and disp=# (or disp=number).


The examples show various options of conversions:

Display types: disp=comma, disp=semi, disp=or, disp=output only, disp=output number only, disp=x and disp=b. The numeric results are identical to using Template:Convert for each amount individually.

Common problems

Note the name of this template is "convert/gaps" and omitting the suffix "/gaps" will not show gaps in digits.

The amount is followed by a unit-code (such as "|m") as the 2nd parameter. The output unit-code can be "0" as the 3rd parameter, to allow the default output unit to be triggered, while setting parameter 4 to a rounding precision (such as "|5").