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The Loss of the Hupeh

Captain Pennefather decided to endeavour to reach the Island of Lubang, and accordingly, stepping the boat’s mast, they set sail, and on the 22nd sighted that island, and landed at a place called Monok. During her run those on board had been put on very short rations; in fact, the allowance was about two biscuits and a soda water bottle of water per diem for each man, and, as can be imagined, they were nearly starving when they landed on the island. The natives treated them very well, giving them food and drink, and finally took them to a place called Look. The head man of this village sent them to Manila in the schooner Andreas, a vessel belonging to some of the rebels. This schooner entered Manila under a flag of truce, landed the shipwrecked mariners, and was then permitted to return unmolested. Captain Pennefather and his officers were then given passages to Hong Kong. Click here for more...