Tsinan II

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Sister of the ship "Taiyuan II"

Tsinan II
IDO /IMO No.5111646.
Type Cargo/passenger
Gross Registered Tonnage 2,994 grt. 2,100 nett.
Builder Taikoo D.& E.Co. Yard No.249.
Delivery date 1930.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 2.
Length 312 ft. F'c'sle 42 ft. Bridge 95 ft. Poop 41 ft.
Width 45 ft.
Depth 22 ft.
Engine Builder Taikoo D.& E.Co.
Engine Type Steam, triple expansion.
Engine cylinders 3.
Engine Power 175 nhp.
Propulsion mode single screw.
Speed 12 kts.
Generator voltage 110V DC.
Propeller Right hand.
Propeller blades 4
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Bronze.
Original owner China Navigation Co.


1939 - 1945. Placed under control of the Shipping controller.

1946. Returned to CNCo.

August 15th. 1950. Damaged by a Nationalist Chinese mine in the Yangtse estuary. Arrived in Hong Kong, under tow, for repair.

Septembert 1951. Sold to Cambay Prince S.S.Co. Hong Kong. (John Manners & C0. Ltd.) Renamed "San Eduardo"

1954. Transferred to China Shipping Co. (John Manners & Co.), same name.

1955. Sold to New Pacfic Navigation Co. renamed "Golden Gamma", World Wide Co. as managers.

Sept 1959. Owned by Peninsular Shipping Co., Hong Kong., Ocean Tramping Co., Ocean Tramping Co., as managers. Renamed "Fairford".

1960. Sold to the Peoples Republic of China.


Built for the express service, Shanghai - Amoy - Hong Kong - Canton.

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