Tug "Changteh"

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Tug "Changteh"
Type Tug
Gross Registered Tonnage 244 grt. 56 nett.
Builder New Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Shanghai.
Delivery date 1914
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 1
Length 140.0 ft.
Width 26.0 ft.
Depth 7.5 ft.
Engine Builder By ship builder.
Engine Type Steam, triple expansion.
Engine cylinders 3 per engine.
Engine Power 69 registered hp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw
Power steam.
Fuel Coal.


1914. Built for the Yangtse river services, to maintain the Hunan to Siangtan, Changsha, Yochow, and Hankow, during the low water period between December and April/May.

1941. Requisitioned by the Royal Navy and used as a naval minesweeper at Singapore.

Feb 14th. 1942. Sunk by bombs from Japanese aircraft in the Riau Strait, when bound for Indragin while trying to escape from Singapore with 110 R.A.F. personnel on board.


The first tug owned by C.N.Co. Based at Shanghai for Yangtse river operations.

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