Tug Taikoo Fu

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Taikoo Fu
Type TID
Delivery date 14 June 1945
Hull Steel, welded construction.
Decks 1
Engine Type Steam compound
Engine cylinders Two:- 12 inches & 26.5 inches dia.
Engine stroke 18 inches.
Engine Power 220 ihp.
Propulsion mode Single Screw.
Speed About 7 to 8.5 kts.
Power Steam.
Boiler Cylindrical (Scotch) with 2 furnaces.
Boiler pressure 140 psi.
Boiler dimensions (total) 9'6" long, 9'0" dia.
Fuel Oil
Designer Richard Dunstan Ltd. Thorne, Yorkshire.
Launched May 4th.1945.
Original owner MOWT.
Delivered to owner February 8th. 1946.
Scrapped 1968.


Taikoo Fu was built to a WW II design known as a T.I.D. T.I.D.s were a prefabricated design produced at the rate of one a week in the North East of England mostly on the Humber and Sunderland. There were about a hundred and eighty built. TID has ten or so derivations as no one can be certain what it stood for, variously it has been quoted as "Tug in Dock", "Towing Invasion Duties", "Tug Inshore & Dock", "Tug Inshore Defence", "Tug Inshore Duties", "Temporary Invasion Design", "Temporary Invasion Design".

Taikoo Fu was built as TID 146; Yard No. T36

Bollard pull 2.5 tons

Launched 4/5/45; completed 14/6/45 by Richard Dunston Ltd. Thorne near Goole.

In November 1945 she was shipped to Hong Kong along with four or five other TID tugs on the "Empire Marshal"

8/2/46 Commenced commercial duties for the MOWT. under the control of the Hong Kong Harbour Board.

4/9/48 Became "Taikoo Fu", scrapped in 1968 in Hong Kong.


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