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ID /IMO No. 1072888.
Type Cargo/passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 2,036 grt. 1,264 nett.
Builder Boyd & Co., Shanghai.
Delivery date Oct 1900.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 2.
Length 270.0 ft.
Width 42.1 ft.
Depth 17.2 ft.
Engine Builder Boyd & Co., Shanghai.
Engine Type Steam, 2 x triple expansion.
Engine Power 140 nhp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw.
Speed 12 kts.
Power Steam
Fuel Coal.
Propeller 2, right and left hand
Propeller blades 4 per propeller.
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Cast Iron.
Original owner China Navigation Co.
Delivered to owner Oct. 1900.


Oct0ber 1900. The ship was delivered late and missed the river season, it turned out that the builders, Boyd & Co. had used the material to complete a more profitable Russian order. CNCo refused delivery of the vessel, took the builders to court, and was awarded compensation, then accepted delivery.

Here again is the confusing situation where the vessel is often referred to with the split name "Tung-Ting"

Initially employed on the Changsha, Shasi, Ichang service.

1925 Employed on the new express service, inaugerating the Shanghai to Ichang direct service, taking about 10 days for the round trip.

1927/1928. Converted to carry wood oil in bulk, carrying her first shipment of wood oil in 1928 for San Francisco, which was transhipped to the U.S.S. "President Grant".

March 30th. 1929. Wrecked on Low Point, 14 miles upstream of Wuseh.


Built for the Upper Yangtse ports - Tungting Lakes service. Operated on the Changsha-Shasi-Ichang service.

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