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The fact is, Diabetes in any form can Blood Balance Formula only be controlled, and there is no absolute cure for this. In the case of Type 1 diabetes, insulin therapy and diet control maybe required throughout the lifetime of a person. Some other treatment methods have been tried out though not too often. One such is pancreas transplant that eliminates or reduces the need for treatment with insulin in the body.

On the other hand a person with Type 2 diabetes may be able to control his blood sugar levels with or without medication to a large extent. This is the most common type of diabetes to affect the age group of 45 and above. Those with a family history of the disease or has had gestational diabetes are more susceptible to this type. People who are overweight and follow a sedentary lifestyle have a good chance of developing this disease. So, this group had best shift into a healthy style of living, devoid of smoking drinking and unhealthy eating practices.

Type 2 diabetes actually issues a forewarning to its victim which if they take seriously can delay or control the progress of the disease. This can be achieved by conducting 2 tests namely fasting blood sugar analysis which is testing blood sugar after an 8 hour fast and an Impaired Glucose Tolerance test which is done after consuming a specified quantity of glucose with any beverage or water. In case elevated values are found in any of the two tests, understand that it is time to assume a healthier lifestyle with regard to eating habits and nutrition requirements, exercise etc.