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You must also determine early on whether the LumaSlim plan will work for you or not? And equally pertinent is the fact whether you will be able to safely lose weight by following such program? A program may look easy on paper but in real life it can be really off-the-wall. If that happens and you choose that particular diet program, then there's a good chance that you're not going to be comfortable with it and, in turn, won't stay with it. The simple fact is that if the program is easy to follow and feels right, chances are you'll stick with it.

You also must consider how much the program cost, both in time and money. Although there are people who say that if you opt for expensive program, chances are that you'll follow it through as you have already invested considerably and you won't want to see you money gone to waste, the truth is it that you can quickly lose interest too if your budget could not handle it.

If possible, ask around and ask those who have successfully lose weight and ask them thoroughly. From the conversation, you will be able to gauge whether such program is meant for you too. Similarly, talk to a doctor and ask him or her on the effect of such program medically. Many of weight loss programs can be hazardous to health especially if you are suffering from any illness or allergy.