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ID /IMO No. 1152081.
Type Cargo/vehicle carrier, and passengers.
Gross Registered Tonnage 867 grt. 473 nett.
Builder Yarrow & Co. Scotstoun, Glasgow. Yard No.1462.
Delivery date 1922.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 1.
Length 204.0 ft.
Width 33.0 ft.
Depth 10.0 ft.
Engine Builder Yarrow & Co. Glasgow.
Engine Type Steam, 2 x quadruple expansion.
Engine cylinders 3 per engine.
Engine Power Total, 130 nhp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw.
Speed 12 kts. plus.
Power Steam
Fuel Oil.
Propeller 2, right & left hand.
Propeller blades 4 per propeller.
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Bronze.
Original owner Mackenzie & Co., Chongqing.


1922. Delivered as "Wanhsien" to McKenzie & Co. The Wanshien was the highest powered vessel on the Upper Yangtse in her day.

1925. Purchased by CNCo along with the "Loongmow" (re-named "Wanliu"), Wantung, "Suishan" and "Suiting" from Mackenzie & Co. of Chongqinq, who had pioneered the Upper Yangtse River trade in 1908, under the command of the well known river pilot Captain Cornell, of the Szechuan SSCo.

1925. By the mid 1920's, due to the political instability, insurrection, piracy and armed bandits, the upper passenger deck was plated to provde protection from rifle fire. The after lower deck was plated in to reduce the possibility of pirates boarding the ship.

August 30th. 1926. Taken over by General Yang Sen as a troop transport, during the Chiang-Kai Shek rebellion.

September 5th. 1926. The vessel recovered by a British Naval party. The Master, Captain Alexander Craig Thomson, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his action during the incident. Refer Events / Stories below.

1930. Transferred to the subsidiary, Taikoo Chinese Navigation Co. operating the same services.

1939. When alongside the wharf at Ichang, was unharmed during a Japanese air attack in which two Indo-China S.N.Co. ships ahead of her were destroyed.

February 1941. Sold to Chinese owners.

December 1941. Scuttled in Hong Kong. After the war the vessel raised and scrapped.


Built for service on the Upper Yangtse River.

Events / Stories

Refer to:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Cockchafer_(1915) for details of the 1926 Wanhsien Inc

For further details refer to:- The Wanhsien Incident by A R Williamson