Wanliu III

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Wanliu III
ID /IMO No. 5289053.
Type Cargo
Gross Registered Tonnage 5,664 grt. 2,463 nett
Builder Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Dundee. Yard No.469.
Delivery date 1949.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 1, plus a shelter deck.
Length 476 ft.
Width 64 ft.
Depth 43.25 ft.
Engine Builder Scotts S.& E.Co. Ltd.
Engine Type Scott LB.Doxford, 2 stroke, single scting, opposed piston, direct reversing. 67LB5.http://ebookbrowsee.net/barclay-curle-doxford-pdf-d392986170
Engine cylinders 5,670 mm dia.
Engine stroke Combined, 2,320 mm.
Engine Power 5,500 bhp.
Engine RPM 110
Propulsion mode Single screw.
Speed 14 kts.
Power Diesel.
Aspiration Natural.
Boiler Composite, exhaust gas/fuel oil.
Fuel Diesel/Fuel oil.
Propeller Right hand.
Propeller blades 4.
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Bronze.
Launched May 10th.1949.
Original owner Watts, Watts & Co.Ltd. London. - Britain Steamship Company.


The Wanliu III, Wenchow III and the Woosung III were a class of ships, of a novel design, for operation on the stormy winter North Atlantic service. All crew accommodation was situated mid-ship, the cabins being inboard with a 9ft. outside gallery along the port and starboard sides, and along the frontage. The messes being outboard were incorporated in the gallery. The aim of the design was to ensure that the crew did not have to go on deck, unless essential during the frequent winter storms encountered. "Knuckles" were incorporated fore and aft, to increase the bouyancy during the heavy pitching encountered.

October 1949. Delivered as the Wanstead. employed on the London-Antwerp-Canadian East coast service.

1957. Chartered to Port Line. Renamed Port Wanstead.

1960. Reverted to Wanstead

Jan 1964. On 9 month charter to Lamport & Holt. Renamed "Raeburn III". On the end of the charter renamed "Wanstead", then placed on demise charter to John Swire & Sons, renamed "Wanliu". Employed on the Australia-Japan service - wool trade.

1968. Bibby Bros. bought the Britain S.S.Co. and offered the three vessels for sale.

1969. The Wansted and her sister, "Wendover" were purchased by CNCo. and continued in the same service.

January 1975. Sold to Maldives Shipping Co., Maldives. Renamed "Maldive Explorer"

June 11th.1978. Arrived at Gadani Beach for demolition.


Events / Stories

The incident which occurred whilst loading logs in the Philippines on the delivery voyage to Hong Kong, resulting in the murder of the Watts, Watts Master by the Charterer's Agent, should be told by Commodore Drewery, who was there as part of the CNCo familiarisation team.

To say that Bibbys offered the three sisters for sale, and CNCo bought them, is factually accurate but glosses over a nice point. The five year charters with Watts, Watts included a purchase option, and Bibbys helpfully drew CNCo's attention to this, but were informed that the market had gone down, and whilst CNCo were happy to buy the ships, they would only do so at the market price. This was considered unsporting by Bibbys.