Help:Adding an image to the infobox

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To add a main image to a ship, you want to add an image to the infobox of a ship.

Ensure you have created an account and are logged in.

You then need to upload the image, ensure you have noted the filename of the image you have uploaded.

Select the ship to insert the image into

Navigate to the page of the Ship you wish to edit the image on the infobox of by clicking Ships in the left hand bar underneath the WikiSwire logo, and then selecting the appropriate Ship.

Click the edit link that is located in the top right of the page, on the right hand side of the currently highlighted Read.

Insert the image

You are taken to the Editing page of the ship. Int the textbox, find the line which reads as following:

| image =

Edit this line to include the filename after the Equals sign (‘=’) and a space for example:

| image = shipimagename.jpg

Don’t forget to include the file extension (.jpg for a photo)

Save the image update

Click Save page to add image to the page.