Stuart Harcourt Bates

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Stuart Bates
Born Stuart Harcourt Bates
(1896-05-17)May 17, 1896
Kingston upon Hull, England.
Died December 9, 1960(1960-12-09) (aged 64)
Winchester, England.
Nationality British.
Awards Order of the British Empire.
Joined CNCo service 5th January 1922
Left CNCo service February 1930


January 5th. 1922. Joined C.N.Co. with his 1ist. Mate's certificate of Competency. Promoted to Ist.Mate on September 14th. 1923. Employed on various vessels as required.

Obtained his Master's Certificate No. 4540 in Hong Kong.

Captain Bates was Master of the Wantung during the 1926 incident at Wanhsien when the crews of the Wantung and the Wanhsien were captured and held ransom by a local warlord. Details of the event can be found here. The following year Captain Bates received the OBE from the King in recognition of his display of considerable courage in very dangerous circumstances.

A record of events and of Captain Bates' courage may also be found in an account by Captain Albert Robert Williamson Master of HMS Kia Wo.

October 26th. 1926. to August 8th.1927. On Home leave.

Returning from leave he sailed as Master on numerous vessels including the Kian and Shasi II.

January 26th. 1930. Entered hospital with an illness, which unfortunately resulted in his being unfit for service and was invalided home on February 11th 1930.

Captain Bates died at home in December 1960 in his house in Winchester, which he had named "Wantung" after the vessel he had been Master of during the Wanhsien incident.


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