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Sister ship of the Anhui I

ID /IMO No. 1118385.
Type Cargo/passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 2,193 grt. 1,346 nett.
Builder Scott & Co. CD. Yard No. 386.
Delivery date Feb 22nd. 1904.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 2.
Length 300.0 ft. F'c's'le 37.0 ft. Bridge 86.0 ft.
Width 40.0 ft.
Depth 21.5 ft.
Passengers Deck.
Engine Builder Greenock Foundry Co.
Engine Type Steam, triple expansion.
Engine cylinders 3 per engine. 14.5 ins.dia. 24 ins.dia. 39.5 ins.dia.
Engine stroke 2.5 ft.
Engine Power Total, 314 nhp. 1,500 ihp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw.
Speed 11.5 kts.
Rigged Schooner.
Displacement 4,468 tons.
Deadweight 2,858 tons.
Bale capacity 131,950 ci.ft.
Block coefficient (Cb) 0.75
Power Steam.
Condenser cooling surface 2,200 sq.ft.
Steam expansion ratio 110.68.
ratio_of_air_pump_capacity_to_lp_cylinder_volume 18.4
ratio_of_sw_circulating_pump_capacity_to_lp_cylinder_volume 16.7
Boiler 2, circulating (scotch )
Boiler pressure 190 psi.
Boiler dimensions (total) 15.0 ft. high. 11.5 ft. long.
Heating Surface (total) 5,180 sq.ft.
Grate Area (total) 121 sq.ft.
Steam space volume 1,018 cu. ft.
Fuel Coal.
Furnace 3 per boiler.
Furnace dimensions 3'8" dia. 8'0" long.
Draught Forced.
Propeller Both right abd left hand, 10.63 ft dia. 10.75 ft. pitch.
Propeller blades 4 per propeller.
Propeller formation Solid.
Propeller material Cast iron.
Built classification society B.O.T.
Launched Jan 30th. 1904.
Original owner China Navigation Co.


May 27th. 1928. Taken over by pirates at Hoihow and taken to Bias Bay, just north of Hong Kong, where they looted the ship. About $4,000 taken and one passenger killed.

March 1936. Sold to Chinese ship breakers.


Built for the China coast trades.

1904. Advertised as operating a regular service between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

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