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Van Ralty Woolfe
Born January 6th. 1914.
Heaton Chapel, Cheshire, England.
Died August 17th. 2007.
Residence Mosman N.S.W., Australia.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Denomination Church of England.
Spouse(s) Maria P Woolfe.
Parents Father;- J.H.Woolfe.
Joined CNCo service December 9th. 1937.
Left CNCo service June 6th. 1969.


December 9th. 1937. Joined CNCo, with his 1/M Certificate of Competency No 38723, issued in Liverpool on June 22nd 1936. Arriving on Agreement by the ship "Rawalpindi". Seniority from this date.

December 16th. 1937 - December 20th. 1942 Employed as 2/M on the "Suiyang", "Tsinan II", "Hoihow II", "Fatshan II" , "Wusueh", "Kiangsu", "Tatung II", "Taiyuan II", "Kiungchow", "Kaying" and "Hupeh II".

December 23rd. 1939, Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 5099 in Hong Kong.

December 20th 1942. Proceeded on Home leave to Australia. While on leave resigned of his own free will, on June 6th. 1943. losing 3 months seniority.

May 5th. 1944. Rejoined CNCo. Seniority on rejoining now dated from May 15th. 1939. (Period after 3 months leave to date of rejoining I year 5 months and 25 days.) on return was appointed as 2/M on the Yunnan III, Hanyang II, Chungking II, Foochow III, and Tsinan II.

August 31st, 1947 to June 8th. 1949. Sailed as 1/M on "Hunan II", "Yunnan III". Then proceeded on Home leave. Confirmed substantive Chief Officer on April 28th. 1948.

March 30th. 1950. to August 6th. 1954. Appointed 1/M on Anking II, Soochow III , Changsha III, proceeding on leave August 6th. 1955.

April 17th. 1955. On returning from leave he was appointed Master on all vessels on which he was employed until retirement. Appointed substantive Master on July 15th. 1956. Vessels were;- Yochow II, Foochow III, Chengtu II, Hunan II. Proceeded on leave on April 27th. 1959.

January 16th. 1960 to January 27th. 1964. Appointed to the Hanyang II, Anking II, Taiyuan III, Szechuen III and Fengtien II.

January 27th. 1964 to September 29th.1964. on home leave. On return appointed to the Chekiang II, Changsha III, and the Wenchow III.

View the Images section for a photo by C Cocksedge of V.R. Woolfe with New Guinea Highland Chiefs on board the Chekiang II at Lae in 1964.

On home leave from April 15th. until September 28th. 1967. Then sailed on the Kweilin II and Tientsin III, prior to retiring on June 6th 1969, after 32 years service.

July 1968. Appointed Fleet Commodore.


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