Alfred Torrible

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Alfred Torrible
Born November 4th. 1868.
County Down, Ireland.
Died July 28, 1965(1965-07-28) (aged 96)
Occupation Master Mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service March 11th. 1902
Left CNCo service November 22nd. 1929


March 11th. 1902. Joined C.N.Co. already in possession of his Master's Certificate of Competency.

August 11th. 1903. Promoted to Chief Officer, and employed as required on numerous vessels

January 29th. 1907. Promoted to Master. Sailed on numerous vessels as required, including the Tungting, Shasi I, Siangtan (when the vessel was threatened by soldiers near Castle Island on September 30th 1913), Luen Yi, Ngankin, Kian, proceeding on Home leave on May 9th. 1920.

February 7th. 1921. Returned from leave and sailed on the Wuchang II, then sailed as permanent Master on the new Changsha II from May 1922 until April 1927, apart from Home leave and a few weeks on the Tungting and Shasi II.

April 26th. 1927. Appointed as Master on the Poyang I where he stayed, apart from 6 weeks on the Ngankin, until retiring on November 22nd. 1929.

N.B. His nephew, Graham Robert Torrible, joined C.N.Co. in April 1925, and eventually became the Marine Superintendent.


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