Cyril Thomas Hardie

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Cyril Thomas Hardie
Born March 2nd. 1929.
Porirua, New Zealand
Died February 12th. 1974.
Cause of death Lost over board from the "Fijian Swift"
Nationality New Zealand
Occupation Marine Engineer
Employer C.N.Co.
Spouse(s) Patricia E.
Joined CNCo service February 9th. 1952.
Left CNCo service April 27th 1967.


9th Feruary 1952 Engaged on 6 months probation, holding a New Zealand 3rd. Class certificate No. 3863. Issued on March 2nd. 1950. On completion of 6 months probation to be placed on Agreement back dated from March 3rd. 1952.

March 3rd. 1952 Arrived in Hong Kong on the "Taiping" joined CNCo. Appointed as 4th. engineer on the Pakhoi III, Fengtien II as 3rd/4th Engineer, Shengking II as 3rd Engineer.

December 11th 1952. Proceeded on study leave in Hong Kong interspersed with short spells on the Yunnan III, Yochow II, and obtaining his Second Class Part A certificate in March 1953. Appointed as 3rd or 4th. Engineer as required on the:- Yochow II, Soochow III, Yunnan III, and Changsha III. taking study leave when available.

August 27th 1953. Proceeded on study leave obtaining his 2nd Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No.5323 dated September 25th. 1953, in Hong Kong. Joined the Yunnan III as 3/E, then as 2/E.

October 26th. 1953. Joined the Hunan II as Chief Engineer. Hospitalised suffering from a duodenal ulcer on August 28th. 1954, re-joining the Hunan II on September 25th. 1954.

October 10th. 1954. Promoted to second Engineer.

May 11th. 1955. Proceeded on Home Leave, plus special leave.

December 12th. 1955. Returning from leave travelled to Hong Kong on the Taiyuan III as 4/E, when he was appointed Chief Engineer on the Yochow III on January 16th. 1956. Suffering from acute appendicitis the vessel had to return to Singapore where he was successfully operated on, travelling back to Hong Kong by 'plane on May 8th.1956, re-joining the Yochow III as C/E on June 11th. 1956.

July 30th. 1956. Promoted to Chief Engineer.

August 28th 1956 The Yochow III suffered a major breakdown. He was complimented, by the Superintendent Engineer, by his quiet initiative and the excellence of the temporary repairs carried out.

December 21st.1956. Appointed Acting Assistant Superintendent Engineer. Duties involved were at Taikoo Dockyard and Hong Kong Harbour.

December 17th. 1959. Proceeded on Home Leave.

June 15th. 1960. Appointed Assistant Superintendent Engineer.

April 27th. 1967. Resigned.

February 12th. 1954. Lost overboard, when employed as 2/E on the "Fijian Swift."

February 17th 1954. A memorial service was held in the Chapel at the Mission to Seamen, Auckland, N.Z. Seven C.N.Co. Officers attended the service.


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