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Ernest Harold Histed
Born August 29th. 1899.
Brighton, Sussex, England.
Died November 12th. 1979.
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Denomination Church of England
Spouse(s) M.E.Histed.
Children One daughter.
Joined CNCo service January 2nd. 1919.
Left CNCo service April 9th. 1961.


January 22nd. 1919. Joined C.N.Co. Seniority from March 22nd. 1919.

Held 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency No. 23222. Promoted to C/O on May 6th. 1922.

May 15th. 1924. Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No.4260 in Hong Kong. Proceeding on Home Leave on May 23rd. 1924. Returned from leave on Febuary 21st.1925 and Promoted to Master on February 24th. 1925. then he was employed as Master on all vessels until he retired on April 9th 1961.

On Home Leave from April 24th. 1930 until January 30th 1931., then sailed on the Chinhua, Kueichow, Fatshan I, Kanchow, Hunan II, Kweiyang II, Kwangchow, Chekiang I, Tean, and stood by the Luchow at Taikoo Dockyard for two weeks, prior to proceeding on Home leave on May 24th. 1936.

February 27th. 1937. Returned from leave, appointed to Kalgan II, Kaying, and the Kweiyang II on May 1st.1939.

April 30th. 1940.. The Kweiyang II suffered bilging in the entrance to the Yangtse River due to "Gross Carelessness" by the Master, Ernest Harold Histed, who was seriously reprimanded and forfeited his bonus for the quarter ended in June.

The Kweiyang II with E.H Histed ( Master) was based in Bombay for the duration of hostilities.

August 17th. 1941. No 2 Port Cargo Door damaged at Borneo Wharf. No blame attached to the Master.

October 28th. 1942. During a voyage from Vizagapatam, (Andhra Pradesh) to Colombo, the Kweiyang II touched the bottom to the East of the charted position of the Armagon Shoal, the Master found to be not at fault.

September 7th. 1945. On cessation of hostilities, proceeded on Home Leave. June 6th. 1946. On return from leave stood by the new ship Szechuen III being built at the Caledon Shipyard in Dundee, sailing with her until September 1947, then being appointed to the Anhui II, and Sinkiang II, before being assigned to special duties for 3 months, prior to standing by the new building, Anking II at Scotts Dockyard in Greenock, then sailing as Master for the next 13 months, before taking taking Home Leave on February 12th 1951.

'October 15th. 1951.' Retuned from leave, appointed to Fengning, in May 1953 Appointed Commodore, Shengking II, Szechuen III, then going on Home Leave on February 10th. 1956.

November 3rd.1956. Returning from leave sailed as Master on the Chengtu II and Szechuen II, before retiring on April 9th. 1961 after 42 years service.


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