Sinkiang II

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Sinkiang II
ID /IMO No. 5329199.
Type Cargo/passenger.
Gross Registered Tonnage 3,020 grt. 1,763 nett.
Builder Scotts S.& E.Co Ltd. Yard No.638.
Delivery date July 31st.1946.
Hull Steel. clincher construction.
Decks 2.
Length 298 ft. F'c'sle 66ft. Bridge & Poop 189 ft.
Width 46 ft.
Depth 25 ft.
Passengers 1st. class 27, deck 82.
Engine Builder Scotts S.& E.Co.Ltd.
Engine Type Scott LB. Doxford, 2 cycle, single acting,direct reversing, opposed piston. Type 48LB4.
Engine cylinders 4, 480 mm.dia.
Engine stroke 1,660 mm.
Engine Power 1,800 bhp.
Engine RPM 133, design.
Propulsion mode Single screw.
Speed 12.5 kts.
Displacement 4,830 tons.
Deadweight 2,902tons.
Bale capacity 178,200 cu.ft.
Block coefficient (Cb) 0.678
Power Diesel.
Aspiration natural.
Boiler Composite ,exhaust gas/fuel oil.
Fuel Diesel/Heavy Fuel Oil.
Generator power 3 x 75 kw.
Generator voltage 220V DC.
Propeller Right hand, 12.33 ft.dia.
Propeller blades 4
Propeller formation Solid, variable pitch.
Propeller material Bronze.
Keel laid May 16th. 1945.
Launched Feb 22nd. 1946.
Launched by Mrs. H.Sutherland.
Original owner China Navigation Co.


The "Sinkiang II" was the first vessel of this class, an improved design of the 1922 "Kalgan II" class and were the last building of the traditional "China Coasters". The four ships were ordered during hostillities in the 2nd. world war, and as such were replacements for ships lost by enemy action. The other three vessels were the "Szechuen III", "Shansi II" and the "Soochow III".

June 1966. Sold to Asia Selatan Enterprises Ltd. Panama.(Kie Hock Shipping Co.Ltd.) Renamed "Tong Jit".

1967. Sold to Africa Shipping Co. Panama. Renamed "Gamsolo".

1969. Sold to the Kadina Enterprise S.A.. Panama. Renamed "Kadina".

May 19th.1977. While undergoing repairs at the Easter Passage Singapore, sank during a storm.

September 2nd.1978. Refloated by Selco Salvage and delivered to National Shipbreakers (Pte.) Ltd. for demolition.


The four vessels "Sinkiang II" , "Szechuen III", "Shansi II", and "Soochow III" were originally employed on the Shanghai-Tsingtao-Amoy-Swatow-Hong Kong service. The Chinese Nationalist Government, who at this time were still in conflict with the Communist regime, having given CNCo. permission to operate this service.

The Sinkiang II, along with the Shansi II, Soochow III, and Pakhoi III, were all employed in the formation of he N.G.A.L. service between Eastern Australia and New Guinea / Honiara (B.S,I.P,).

Events / Stories

There is a very fine builders' model of the "Sinkiang II" in CNCo's offices.