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David Clifford Jones
Born November 6th. 1896.
Newquay, Cardiganshire.
Died September 26th. 1928
Cause of death Killed by pirates, refer Anking I
Nationality British.
Citizenship British.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service December 1st. 1923.
Left CNCo service September 26th. 1928.


Joined C.N.Co on Agreement in London, arriving on the P.& O. ship "Khiva" on December 1st. 1923, with his Ist. Mate's Certificate of Competency No. SS 0015140 issued in Newquay on May 12th 1923.

Appointed as 2/M on the Chinkiang, Kueichow, Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Kueichow, and Nanning II.

September 21st. 1925.. On leave in Hong Kong, obtaining his Master's Certificate of Competency.

October 3rd. 1925. Appointed 2/M on the Kalgan, for 4 weeks, then as 1/M on Taming, Chinhua, Kwangtung I, joining the Anking I on June 13. 1928.

September 26th. 1928.. Killed during the attack on the Anking I by pirates.


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