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This is an example empty infobox
Type text
Builder test
Delivery date test
Length 0m
Width 0m
Depth 0m
Passengers 000

On the right hand side of the page, there is an Infobox, containing a summary of details about the ship, along with an image of the ship.

Ensure you have created an account and are logged in.

Select the ship who's infobox you want to edit

Navigate to the page of the Ship you wish to edit by clicking Ships in the left hand bar underneath the WikiSwire logo, and then selecting the appropriate Ship.

Edit the infobox of the ship

Click the Edit link that is located in the top right of the page, on the right hand side of the currently highlighted Read.

You are taken to the edit page, where you can modify and details in the infobox. To do this, simply type the information on the right hand side of the corresponding equals sign (‘=’) Ensure you leave a space after the equals sign (‘=’) before entering your information, for example:

| length = 295.0 ft. F'c'sle 42.0 ft. Bridge 72.0 ft

For a list of descriptions, see the infobox template information page

Preview your edit

Before saving your changes, you can preview the modification by clicking the Preview tab, which is the second tab in underneath the title.

By clicking the Changes tab, you are able to see the changes you have made to the text (on the right hand side) compared with the current, unedited version (on the left).

Saving your edit

Before saving the page, enter a short description of what you have done in the summary box for future reference for the page, and administrators.

Click Save page to save the edits.