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John Michael Parker
Born September 22nd. 1931.
Scarborough, Yorkshire, England.
Died March 18th. 1999.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service February 9th. 1954.
Left CNCo service June 6th 1985.


December 18th. 1947 to February 9th 1951, sailed with Clan line.

April 24th. 1951 to July 26th. 1951, sailed with the Canadian Pacific S.S.Ltd. then from December 1951 until September 1953 with Bullard King / Union Castle Line.

February 9th 1954. Joined C.N.Co. with his 1st Mate's Certificate of Competency No. 71564 issued January 27th 1954, sailed as 2/O on the Fukien, 4/O & 3/O Sinkiang II, 2/O & C/O on the Fukien, being promoted to C/o on October 16th 1956, then as C/O on the Fengtien II, Hupeh III, Fengtien II, before proceeding on Home leave on August 2nd. 1957. During his leave obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 81524 at Hull in February 1958.

July 28th. 1958. Standing by the new building Chefoo II, at Taikoo Dockyard, sailing as C/O then as Master on March 16th 1959, being promoted to Master on December 31st 1959. Sailed as Master on the Fengning, Chengtu III, Chungking IV, Kuala Lumpur, Hanyang II and Kwangtung II prior to going on home leave on June 1st. 1962.

March 3rd. 1963. Returning from leave appointed as Master on the following vessels:- Changsha III, Kwangtung II, Sinkiang II, Taiyuan III, and Shansi II. Proceeded on Home Leave on June 21st 1966.

March 9th. 1967. Returning from Home Leave, appointed as Master on the Papuan Chief I, Nanchang III, Kweichow II, Shansi III, in between sea going duties as Master he assisted the Marine Superintendent in the Hong Kong Office.

May to October 1969, 0n Leave. On returning from leave appointed to the following vessels:- Taiwan II, Anking II, Eredine I, Hupeh III, Wenchow III, Soochow IV, Eredine II, and Asian Pearl.

October 1st 1982. Proceeded on home leave, returning on November 27th. 1982.

March 24th.1983 until July 21st. 1983, On home leave.

June 6th 1985. Retired after 29 years with the China Navigation Co.


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