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Llewellyn Evans
Born September 6th. 1888.
Died May 13th. 1949.
Hong Kong.
Cause of death Cancer.
Resting place Hong Kong.
Citizenship British.
Occupation Master mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Spouse(s) Dorothy
Children Two daughters.
Joined CNCo service October 31st. 1922.


October 31st. 1922. Joined C.N.Co. with his Master's Certificate of Competency, O/C. 041732. issued in Liverpool 1914. Seniority counting from date of joining. Employed on various vessels as required, the majority of which were engaged on the Yangtse River services, being promoted to Chief Officer on February 17th. 1925. and employed as Chief officer or Master as required.

June 6th. 1928. Promoted to Master and sailed on various vessels including the Kangting I, Kintang and Wanliu I, proeeding on Home Leave on January 13th. 1930.

December 22nd. 1930. At the end of his leave he joined the Anshun I as C/O being built in Greenock and traveling out to Shanghai. By March 12th. 1930 appointed Master of the Kiating, then Wantung, Kintang, taking one months local leave on June 1st. 1933. on return from leave sailed as Master on the following vessels:- Wantung, Kintang, Wanliu II and Kangting II, taking Home Leave on May 20th 1936.

March 5th. 1937. On returning from leave, joined the Kingyuan as C/O for a week, in order to obtain experience on the China Coast as distinct from the Yangtse River service, before sailing as Master. Then appointed as Master on the Chungking II, Kalgan II, Hunan II. and Kiangsu.

August 6th. 1938 until March 11th. 1943. Master of the Anhui II, when he proceeded on Home Leave to Australia.

September 30th. / October 1st. 1941. The "Office" commented that during a voyage to Yokohama the Anhui II during a severe typhoon, suffered no damage due to his taking the only course open to him and his seaman like handling of the vessel. He was Master of the Anhui II when the vessel was bombed in Manilla - December 10th. 1941.

1942. He received a commendation from the United States authorities for his part in the Anhui's audacious bid to run the Japanese blockade of the Philippines in early 1942, carrying vital medical supplies and food to U.S. forces stranded at Iloilo.

September 11th. 1943. Returning from leave employed on the Yochow II based in Bombay, and as required.

December 4th. 1946. Appointed Fleet Commodore.

August 1946 - April 12th. 1947. Master of the Hanyang II, then proceeded on home leave.

January 26th. 1948. Appointed Master of the Shengking II. Unfortunately spent January and the most of February 1949 in Hong Kong hospital before joining the Pakhoi II. However he was hospitalised on March 15th. and died on May 5th 1949 from Cancer.


Events / Stories

Reports indicated that he was a good shipmaster but "trying" to work with. Also severely prejudiced against engine-room personnel.