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York Niven Campbell
Born November 18th. 1895.
Died 1973.
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Denomination Presbyterian
Awards June 1945. Order of the British Empire for Meritorious Sea Service in the Merchant Navy
Joined CNCo service September 27th. 1921.
Left CNCo service November 18th. 1957.


September 27th. 1921. Joined C.N.Co. in Hong Kong, already in possession of 1st Mate's Certificate of Competency (Steamship) issued on August 5th. 1920. Sailed on vessels as required. Promoted to C/O June 9th. 1924.

Obtained his Master's Certificate S/S 21866 in Southampton on 19th, 1927.

January 3rd. 1929. Sailing as C/O and Master as required on the Shuntien I and Wanhsien, with short periods on special duties.

October 17th. 1930. Promoted to Master, employed on the Ninghai I, Suiyang, Wanhsien, Shuntien I, Fengtien I, Changsha II, and Woosung I.

'March 5th. 1935, - April 4th. I936'. Acting Marine Superintendent at Hankow, returning to sea sailing Master on the Szechuen II, Anshun I, Anking I, Shengking II, Wanliu II and Wantung, before proceeding on leave on February 4th. 1939. Returning from leave on December 22nd. joined the Kwangtung I.

March 11th. 1940.. Appointed Acting Marine Superintendent in Shanghai for 7 months, then as Master on the Wusueh followed by the Shengking II until June 1943.

February 5th. 1942 The Shengking II suffered the loss of her gangway platform - no blame attached, and on March 16th. 1943, suffered small damage in a minor collision in Princess Dock Bombay when fouled by the "Salween" - no blame attached.

April 16th. 1943, a minor collision with a submerged object occurred - no blame attached to the officer on watch. After a short local leave, became the Acting Marine Superintendent in Bombay. Returned to sea as Master of the Shengking II in July 1944, until proceeding on Home Leave in February 1945.

September 9th. 1945. Returned to Bombay as Acting Marine Superintendent, until October 8th 1945 when he became Acting Marine Superintendent for Hong Kong and Shanghai, until taking Home Leave in January 1949.

October 1949. Returning from leave he stood by the new building Taiyuan III at Scotts Dockyard in Greenock, sailing on her until November 18th. 1957, apart from 6 months leave, when he finally retired after 36 years service. On retirement CNCo. presented him with a silver cigarette box, and awarded him and his family a round rip to the U.K.


Events / Stories

June 1945, Birthday Honours List, Appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire, Civil Division. For "Meritorious Sea Service in the Merchant Navy"