Cyril E Plunket-Cole

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Cyril E.Plunket-Cole
Born February 19th. 1876.
Hobart, Tasmania.
Died Believed to have died in England on July 28th 1932.


July 7th. 1901. Joined C.N.Co. with his Master's Certificate of Competency. Employed as required on numerous vessel.

July 25th. 1903. Promoted to Chief Officer, employed as C/O and Master as required

July 24th. 1909. Promoted to Master.

March 9th. 1921. Proceeded on Home Leave, Returning on December 15th. 1921, sailed as Master on the Kiungchow until May 14th.1925, when as Master he joined the Anking I.

February 5th. 1927, to November 21st 1927. On Home Leave.

December 3rd. 1927. Returning from leave appointed Master on the Kweiyang I.

September 29th. 1928. As Master of the Anking I he suffered serious injuries when the ship was attacked by pirates, spending a month in hospital in Hong Kong, then employed on special duties. However his injuries were such that he was invalided out of the service, retiring on a pension in January 5th. 1929.

July 28th. 1932.. Reported to have died in England


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