Eric John Bower

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Eric John Bower
Born Eric John Bower
(1920-09-19)September 19, 1920
Died December 28, 1994(1994-12-28) (aged 74)
Gold Cost, Queensland, Australia
Joined CNCo service 2nd September 1941
Left CNCo service 13th May 1950


Recruited by China Navigation after completing his apprenticeship with J&J Denholm and obtaining 2nd Mate Certificate in Glasgow. Left UK May 1941 in a convoy aboard Blue Funnel’s Ulysses & arrived in Hong Kong September 1941 from Singapore on Anhui II.

Appointed 3rd Officer of Yunnan III sailing to the South Pacific ports. In anticipation of the fall of Hong Kong, Yunnan was part of the convoy of CNCo ships that evacuated to Australia in December 1941 where she and other CNCo vessels were refitted to aid the war effort. Re-assigned to Anshun I and serving on her when sunk in September 1942 by the Japanese in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Obtained 1st Mate Certificate #0430 in Sydney January 1943. Promoted to 2nd Officer on Hanyang II then served on Poyang II and Yochow II.

Following the end of hostilities, served on Poyang II, Yunnan III and Shansi II. Master’s Certificate #0522 awarded in Sydney March 1948 before proceeding on Home Leave in Scotland. Promoted Chief Officer in January 1949 sailing on Ninghai I, Fatshan II, Hanyang II and Sinkiang II.

Resigned May 1950 to join Hong Kong Government’s Marine Department before retiring to Australia in 1974 where further employed by the NSW Government’s Maritime Services Board until final retirement in 1984 to Queensland.


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