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Evan garmpn Thomas
Born April 15th. 1894.
Aberayon, Cardiganshire, Wales
Died November 29th. 1956.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Denomination Church of England
Joined CNCo service July 31st. 1923.
Left CNCo service February 11th. 1953.


July 31st. 1923. Joined C.N.Co., already in possession of his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 009202 issued in Aberystwyth/Swansea on March 26th 1921. Employed on numerous vessels as required as 2nd & 1st Mate.

November 5th. 1925. Promoted to 1st. Mate, sailing on various vessels including the Kwangtung I and Fatshan I.

May 10th. 1930. Proceeded on Home Leave returning on February 13th. 1931 as 1st. Mate on the Anshun I, Woosung II, Suiyang, Nanchang II (as Master). Sailed as 1st. Mate and as Master ( promoted to Master on March 6th. 1935 ) on numerous vessels frequently in a relieving capacity until going on Home leave on April 28th 1936.

January 21st. 1937. Returned from leave, appointed to the Woosung II, Wulin, Shantung II, relieving on other ships in between. He was Master on the Sinkiang I when the vessel was bombed and sunk by Japanese aircraft on April 6th.1942.. After being rescued spent two weeks sick leave in Calcutta, then placed on reserve.

June 11th. 1942. Went on leave in Kashmir until December 10th 1942, when placed in reserve in Bombay and then Calcutta.

January 21st. 1943 Appointed to the Ninghai I and Pakhoi III, prior to proceeding on Home Leave on August 2nd. 1947.

April 9th.1948 Returning from Leave sailed on the Whangpu., Foochow III, Fukien, Fatshan II, Shansi II, Sinkiang II and Fengning.

February 11th. 1953. Retired after 30 years service.


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