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James Kennedy Clark
Born September 11th. 1895.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Home town Dundee
Joined CNCo service January 25th. 1918.
Left CNCo service December 4th. 1946.


January 15th. 1918. Joined C.N.Co. already in possession of his 1st Mates Certificate of Competency. Promoted to Chief Officer on June 12th. 1919, and employed as required on various vessels.

July 27th. 1923. Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No S/S.0010968 at Dundee. Promoted to Master on April 8th. 1924.

May 25th. 1930. On returning from Home Leave, sailed as Master of the Wuchang II, Hsin Peking I, Fengtien I, Shantung II, Taiyuan II and the Shengking II, proceeding on Home Leave on June 2nd. 1935.

March 25th. 1936. Returned from leave and employed, as Master, on the Woosung II, Shengking II, Soochow II, Kiating, Taiyuan II, ( On June 15th. 1938 the Taiyuan II collided with the N.Y.K. vessel Kakkaisaan Maru in Shanghai harbour. ) Wuhu III, Shuntien II and Tsinan II, proceeding to Australia from Bombay on Home Leave on May 7th. 1941.

November 27th. 1941. Returned from leave and appointed to the Yunnan II, at Manilla then on December 11th. transferred to the Anshun I in Fremantle to assist Colin Percival Miller, Master of the Anshun I , in overcoming difficulties with the U.S. military authorities.

April 6th. 1942. Based in Bombay for the duration of hostilities, sailing as Master on the Hupeh II, Tsinan II and other duties as required.

September 23rd. 1943. Appointed Fleet Commodore.

December 4th. 1946. Retired after 28 years service.


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