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Colin Percival Miller
Born August 12th. 1893.
Died July 5th. 1952
Tokyo, Japan.
Cause of death Cerebral thrombosis.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service May 6th. 1920.
Left CNCo service July 5th. 1952.


May 5th. 1920. Joined C.N.Co. with his 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency, and promoted to Chief Officer on July 21st. 1921. Employed as 1st. Mate on numerous vessels as required.

April 13th. 1922. Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency, No. 4011, in Hong Kong. Promoted to Master on July 22nd. 1924, and sailed as Master for the rest of his career. Employed as Master on vessels as required. Proceeded on Home leave on November 3rd. 1925.

July 19th. 1926. Returned from leave and sailed on the Tungting, Shengking II, Ngankin, Kweiyang II, Fatshan I, and Kalgan II before proceeding on Home Leave.

November 11th. 1932.. On completion of his leave, he joined the Hunan II, which had just been completed at Scotts Dockyard in Greenock, for the voyage to Hong Kong. Later employed on the Kwangchow, Kweiyang II, Anking I, and Anshun I, then proceeding on Home leave on February 16th. 1938.

November 7th. 1938. Returning from home leave and appointed to the Anshun I, being Master of her when attacked by Japanese bombers in Manila. Placed on Reserve from September 9th. 1942 until November 1st. 1942, when he was "on loan" to the U.S. Army in Freemantle until December 1st. 1942. It was reported that he knew how to handle the U.S. authorities. After a short spell on reserve appointed to the Yochow II until taking Home Leave in Australia on October 5th. 1943. Unfortunately while on leave spent 2 weeks in hospital suffering from malaria and inflammation of the sinuses.

August 1st. 1944. Returned from leave and appointed to the Anhui II, until going on Special leave on September 9th. 1947.

August 25th. 1948. Returning from leave sailed on the Wusueh, Soochow III, and Hanyang II before arriving at Scotts Shipyard to standbye the new building Changsha III February 9th. 1949, eventually signing articles on May 1st 1949.

May 1949 Appointed Fleet Commodore.

June 16th. 1952. Admitted to hospital in Tokyo suffering from Cerebral Thrombosis. Died on July 5th. 1952.

Colin.P.Miller. was described as being fit, efficient and a good disciplinarian and the vessels were "happy" ships when he was in command.


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